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​As a practice we have high standards. We try to offer our patients the best treatments currently available, and the costs of these surgical and medical treatments may surprise you…

  • If your pet fractures a leg or tears a ligament requiring surgery, you will be facing a vet’s bill of up to £2500!

  • If your pet is diagnosed with a life long medical condition such as diabetes, the cost could amount to between £50-£120 a month

  • Suturing of a simple skin wound under general anaesthetic will cost in the region of £500

These are just three examples of costs you could be facing if your pet is not insured. We strongly recommend that you consider a pet insurance policy. Not all insurance policies offer the same degree of cover, and there are various types of policy available, some of which in our opinion are not suitable for most clients. Please feel free to contact the surgery to discuss your requirements; we will give you free impartial advice. Every day we compromise on the treatment of clients’ much-loved pets or worse have to put them to sleep because the owners cannot afford the best (or in some cases any) treatment.

Please insure your pet, it may literally mean the difference between life and death.

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