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We recommend that all pets are neutered. Please discuss with the vet regarding the most appropriate age to neuter your pet.

Unless the animal is to be used for breeding, neutering of both male and female dogs and cats is recommended for the following reasons:

Health benefits for your pet

Speying a female dog or cat:

  • eliminates the common problem of womb infection (pyometra) as well as cancer of the uterus or ovaries

  • lowers the risk of mammary tumours in later life; this risk is dramatically reduced if the female is speyed before their first season

  • eliminates the problems and potential risks associated with pregnancy and birth

Castrating a male dog or cat:

  • eliminates the possibility of the animal developing testicular cancer

  • reduces the risk of prostate problems later in life

  • eliminates the animal’s desire to seek out females and the risks associated with a roaming animal e.g. car accidents

Decreases the overpopulation problem

There are a vast number of unwanted puppies and kittens in this country. Neutering your pet will dramatically help to control this problem.

Convenience to owners

Speying a female dog or cat:

  • eliminates oestrus or “in season” periods therefore no bloody discharges

  • eliminates the crying/vocalisation from the female whilst in season (especially cats)

Castrating a male dog or cat:

  • helps to reduce aggression towards other animals thus preventing fights

  • decreases territory marking behaviour e.g. tom cats spraying in the house

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